2017-2018 Mathcounts

The Scott Mathcounts team members including Piotr Korlacki, Dominic Sander, Sophia Heinrich, and Evan Works finished in 2nd place at the Chapter competition this weekend. There were many outstanding individual performances in the written portion of the competition. Piotr Korlacki finished 4th, Jason Jiang 3rd, Allyson Lanham 6th, Dominic Sander 9th, Sophia Heinrich 10th, and Evan Works placed 13th. All of these individuals have qualified for State.  This group represents the largest number of participants Scott Middle School has ever qualified for State. Other participants include Maddux League placing 18th, Nate Pribil 25th place, Ashley Kim 26th, and Siddharth Malireddi 34th. Congratulations to these shining stars!

Mathcounts 2017-2018 Participants

Front row left to right:  Siddharth Malireddi, Piotr Korlacki, Jason Jiang, Maddux League, Ashley Kim

Back Row:  Allan Rezac, Nate Pribil, Evan Works, Dominic Sander, Sophia Heinrich, Allison Lanham

The Scott Mathcounts team competed in the State Meet held on Saturday, March 17, 2018. The team members were Dominic Sander, Sophia Heinrich, Peter Korlacki, and Evan Works. Evan finished 2nd in the State. In the written portion of the competition Dominic placed 9th, Jason Jiang placed 14th, Piotr 15th, Sophia 19th, Allyson Lanham 23rd, and Evan placed 36th.