Monday, February 11, 2019

Scott Middle School Student Signal

Today is a ”X” day


All activities have been canceled after school today.

Student Activities

Monday:  7th & 8th Grade Choir (3-4PM)  6th Grade Band (3:05-3:50PM)  Video Club  (3-4PM)

Tuesday:  Select Choir (7AM)  6th Grade Choir (3-4PM) Jazz Band (3-4PM)


Scott Middle School Apparel
We are so excited to share that our Scott Middle School Apparel Store is now OPEN.
Shopping is available through February 17. All orders will be delivered and distributed here at school.
Information for 8th Grade Students

In February and early March, high school counselors will come to the LPS middle schools to meet with students who are planning to enroll at their high school. At that time, high school counselors will discuss graduation requirements, answer questions about the high school curriculum, and register 8th grade students for 9th grade courses.  Students will be participating in pre-registration activities with their 8th grade counselors before the high school counselor visits.  Dates for the high school counselor visits will be communicated by high schools and middle schools.  Please watch for that information.

Among the most important decisions being made by students and their parents/guardians are those related to the high school they will attend and the courses they will choose to meet graduation requirements and support their educational and career plans.

We look forward to your attendance at the informational meetings so counselors, department chairpersons, and administrators will be able to greet you and assist you and your student as they begin the transition from middle school to high school.

If you have questions, please call the high school counseling center:

Lincoln High School     402-436-1301

East High School         402-436-1302

Northeast High School 402-436-1303

Southeast High School 402-436-1304

North Star High School    402-436-1305

Southwest High School 402-436-1306