Friday, May 10, 2019

Scott Middle School Student Signal

Today is a “X” day

Student Activities

Friday:  Jazz Band (3-4PM)

Student News

Today is the last day to check out books from the library. There will be no check outs through the end of the year after today.  Do you want to win a prize from the Scott Media Center? Return all books and pay all fines (if you have any) by Friday May 17 to be entered in a drawing. There will be multiple winners!  Don’t know what books you have out? Check your email on Monday for a list of your overdue books. Winners from the drawing will be announced on Monday, May 20.

The 6th Grade Track Meet will be taking place after school on Wednesday, May 15th.  The events are as follows:

May 15th:  Long Jump, 100Meter Run, Relays

3:10 – 4:00PM

Yearbooks are for sale for $25 each.  Please check lists in the pod areas and by the Main Office if you are unsure if you have purchased a book.

KFOR Fun Passes

The Scott Parent Organization (SPIN) is selling Summer Fun Passes.  These activities and coupons are valued over $100, but through this special KFOR promotion, your cost is only $5 each.  Tickets may be purchased in the Scott Office.  All proceeds go to SPIN.