7th and 8th Grade Intramural Sports

Track 2021


Meet is May 7th 2021, at Lincoln High School, there will be a total of 6 schools at the meet, attendance will be 75% capacity of stadium, no passes will be needed.


4:15 PM            7th and 8th Girls High Jump, followed by 7th and 8th boys

                             Girls Shot 7th then 8th

                             Boys Shot 7th then 8th

                             7th Long Jump Boys then Girls

                             8th Long Jump Boys then Girls

5:15                    Girls  7th  1600

                             Girls  8th  1600 (7th and 8th may run together)

                             Boys  7TH 1600

                             Boys 8th   1600 (7th and 8th may run together)

                             Girls 7th    Hurdles

                             Girls 8th    Hurdles

                             Boys 7th    Hurdles

                             Boys 8th    Hurdles

                             Girls 7th    100

                             Girls 8th    100

                             Boys 7th    100

                             Boys 8th    100

                             Girls 7th    400

                             Girls 8th    400

                             Boys 7th    400

                             Boys 8th    400

                             Girls 7th    200

                             Girls 8th    200

                             Boys 7th    200

                             Boys 8th    200

                             Girls 7th    800

                             Girls 8th    800

                             Boys 7th    800

                             Boys 8th    800

                             4 x100 Relay  7th then 8th Girls then Boys

                             4 x 400 Relay 7th then 8th Girls then Boys

April Track Practice Schedule

May Track Practice Schedule

Second Quarter Activities

Beginning at the start of the second quarter, all LPS middle schools will be resuming before and after school activities. These will include school sponsored clubs, music and intramural athletics. Prior to participating in any of these activities, all students must have a completed Parent Consent form on file at the school which can be completed electronically using the link below. The same COVID-19 protocols we have in place during school hours will be followed during these before and after school activities.

We know that supporting your child during these activities is important to families. Unfortunately, due to capacity restrictions in LPS facilities during the current COVID-19 pandemic, spectators will not be allowed at any practice, rehearsal or competition. This is the only way we can continue to have these activities for students while following safety protocols. We are working on ways to share videos of these events and competitions with families.

Information regarding start dates and program offerings will come from teachers, student announcements and school social media.

Please complete the form linked below for your student athlete.  This must be completed prior to your athlete participating in practices or competitions.