SCIP-School Community Intervention & Prevention

Mission Statement:

The Scott Middle School SCIP Team believes that all students need a safe and substance-free educational environment.  Our goal as a team is to be a resource for student success and caring family support in our building and to identify, intervene and educate students who are having difficulties that may or may not be related to alcohol, illegal drug and/or substance abuse, behavioral or mental health issues.


Amber Cownie, Team Leader

Rick Ernst, Administrative Advisor

Abi Beatty, 6th Grade Counselor           

Amy Hudson, 7th Grade Counselor

Tina Wiltshire, Social Worker

Jill Bohaty

Bry Schulz

Kim Ridder

William Kechely

Kris Oakland-Maxwell

Elizabeth Tenney

Allan Rezac

What is the purpose of SCIP?

  • To identify students exhibiting high risk behaviors which interfere with their ability to learn.
  • To provide alternative approaches in helping students deal with these problems.
  • To provide a support system for students and parents to address problem areas both within and outside the school setting

How does SCIP assist students?

The program has four components, each of which assists students.

  1. Identification of students who exhibit problematic behavior.
  2. Intervention with the student, parents, and a school representative from the SCIP team to describe problem behavior and to seek solutions and explore options which will increase the student’s chance of being successful in school.
  3. Referral to a community agency tailored to youth and families.
  4. Student Support to assist students in the school environment. The goal of individual and group support is to aid the recovery process of the student

How are students referred to SCIP?

Students are referred to SCIP by teachers, students, administrators, friends, parents or by self. Once a referral is made, teachers are asked to observe the student’s behavior in class and forward information to the SCIP team. The team reviews the information and decides what action should be taken.

Informational Articles/Lincoln Public School Link

SCIP is partnering with Lincoln Public Schools, Bryan Independence Center and the Lancaster Prevention Coalition to put on a series of valuable presentations about how to support the well-being of youth in our community.

September 26, 2017 – Promoting Student Mental Health

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